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Welcome to Coastal Drilling School

COASTAL DRILLING SCHOOL (Established in the Year 2014) is unique and one of its kind in India. The courses are highly practical oriented. The aim and objective of Drilling School is to meet the acute shortage of skilled manpower in the Drilling Industry such as Coalbed Methane Gas, Mineral Exploration - Core Drilling and Water well Drilling.


  1. Many institutes, technical training centres concentrate only on Oil & Gas drilling. The mineral and Water Well Drilling sector and its potential have been neglected.
  2. Train the working employees to enhance their competence skills in the Drilling industry by imparting Drilling Techniques, Mud Technology, Well Construction and Health, Safety, Environment Management System.
  3. Create a dynamic learning platform that will significantly benefit students with its innovative training strategies and cost effective technological advancements.
  4. The emphasis is on how best to integrate industry relevant skill set and regular college curriculum and expose students to real workplace culture. We make sure that students get practical and hands on experience.
  5. The need of the hour is a sustainable platform to hone the skills of students and provide the support to grow
  6. To reduce the incidents / accident rate in the industry by conducting Technical safety training within the industry.
  7. Establishing the Health Safety Environment Management system in the industries. Conduct Audit, Inspection, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.

About Us

The founder of Coastal Drilling School is Yusuf Jani Mohammed, having 27 years of diversified field experience in Water well Drilling, Mineral Exploration - Drilling, Coalbed methane Gas Drilling and top-hole drilling in Oil & Gas sector and Health, safety and Environment.

Held several positions as Rig Manager, Sr. Manager Oil & Gas, Drilling Manager, Chief Engineer and CEO, which given definite direction to lead the effective HSE Management. Hands on practical experience in HSE, Drilling Operations, Contracts, Administration and Finance are an added value to the Institute. Experience as Contractor, Consultant and Client has minimized the gap in implementing the HSE Management Systems.

Drilling Manager (Oil & Gas) - Geopetrol Pyalo Corporation - Myanmar.

Chief Executive Officer- (Mineral Exploration) Barrick Gold - Infraca Exploration-Zambia.

Chief Engineer, Head & Chief of CBM (Coalbed Methane) - Projects, Geopetrol International Incorporation - India.

Sr. Manager Oil & Gas - Towell Drilling - Shell Petroleum Development Oman.

Manager Oil & Gas - W.J. Towell Drilling - Shell PDO - Oman.

Country Manager - Started CBM Operations for Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited, Asansol, West Bengal-India.

Rig Manager/Tool pusher - Desert Byrne Drilling - Shell PDO-Oman.

Consultant to Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment & Water Resources, Directorate General of Water Resources Affairs, Sultanate of Oman - Drilling Water Supply Wells, Monitoring wells, Piezometers, Well Construction and Aquifer Analysis and recommendations.

Consultant to Ministry of Water, Environment and Tourism-PDO-Oman.

Field Engineer - ARGAS-CGG - Saudi Aramco - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Member in American Society of Safety Engineers – Visakhapatnam Chapter, Andhrapradesh, India.

Life Member and authorized as Chartered Engineer - Confederation of Engineers (India) - (A partnership firm, Planning Commission, Govt. of India), Membership No-CE/LM/110654-14.

Life Member of Mining Engineers Association of India (MMEAI), Membership No. LM4257.

Life Member of the National Safety Council. Membership No: LM-AP-193.

Life Member of Quality Circle Forum of India.

Member of Indian Safety Professionals.

Life Affiliate Member in Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering. Membership Number is LAF 9835 (87).

Fellow Life Member of National Foundation of Indian Engineers (NAFEN). A Certificate of Membership No. NAFEN/FML/l53/198/2012.

Enrolled as a Consultant with United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), New York, United States of America.

Member of International Society for Rock Mechanics, Central Board of Irrigation & Power, New Delhi. India.

Registered with Oil & Gas Operators of India - AOGO.

Faculty & Staff

  • Yusuf Jani Mohammed - Course Director & Faculty. The founder of Coastal Drilling School having 27 Years of diversified field Experience in Drilling and Safety in different countries leading the roles from Field Engineer, Drilling Manager to CEO.
  • Dr. V.Venkateswara Rao - Retired Professor of Geo Engineering Department– Andhra University. Having 42 Years of Experience in the field of Geo Engineering and done various Hydrogeological and Ground Water Evaluation Studies, Rain water harvesting and Hydrogeological research work.
  • Mohammed Irfan - HSE Engineer and Trainer. Having 16 Years of Experience in the field of HSE, Planning department including refineries at India and Overseas.
  • KSVNT Satyanarayana - HSE Engineer and Trainer. Having Total 34 years of Experience in which for the past 27 years in SAFETY Profession at various companies in India.
  • Ch.Prasada Rao - HSE Engineer and Trainer. Retired from Coromandel Fertilizers as a Manager Safety and having 38 Years of Experience in field of Safety.
  • MSN Murthy - HSE Engineer and Trainer. Having 32 Year of Experience in various fields, from Worker to Security Manager Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited - Visakha Refinery (HPCL-VR).
  • Mohammed Ismail - HR & Administrator. Having 24 Years of Experience, in the field of Human Resources and Administration at Various Organizations.
  • PDV Raju - Typist & Technical Clerk. Having 17 Years of Experience in the field of Administration.
  • Ram - Accounts Department. Accountant having 4 Years of Experience.
  • Consultants and Experts in Drilling and HSE will be hired as per the requirement

Why CDS?

Present Technical Education Scenario :

Education should always be purposeful, growth oriented and productive. But Technical institutes are failing to produce dynamic and enterprising youngsters capable of facing the changing times and taking on the toughest technical challenges.

Academic Qualifications no longer define the worth and expertise of a candidate and prospective employers are no longer looking at mere qualifications but at the employability potential of the candidate. Furthermore, the industry has neither the time nor inclination to train a fresher in skills required. Owing to tough competition, industry is ready to recruit only skilled candidates who can contribute immediately.

Being technically good is not adequate and therefore rigorous practical training suitable to the industry is necessary. As a result of lacking employability skills, the present generation of qualified technicians, diploma engineers and graduate engineers are either unemployed, working in irrelevant non-technical jobs or accepting highly underpaid jobs.

Present Scenario of Employers :

Many industries including private organizations and public sectors are facing acute shortage of skilled, competent engineers and technicians in the drilling industry. With the technological development and up -gradation of machinery, rigs, associated tools, equipment and drilling methods, the industries are facing a challenge in improving the productivity.

The major rig breakdowns at rig sites due to un-skilled technicians and operators operating the rig and associated equipment is much concern to the rig manufacturers and also to the drilling contractors, public sectors which is realized by both of them. The rig manufacturers want their rigs to be operated by skilled, trained manpower

The Indian government had been doing drilling to look for mineral deposits, but the workers had very low drilling productivity. It was a dream that a diamond drilling school would remedy the situation.

Role of Coastal Drilling School :

CDS is a progressive and student friendly initiative with a well intended objective to eliminate disconnect between pure theory taught in colleges and the reality in the global job market. Importance will be given to train students in employability skills that cater to industry and technological needs. The role of CDS is to build the well trained, skilled work force with hands on practical experience that suits the industry requirement.

The CDS “Drilling Technology, Operations, Management and Safety” course is distinctive and unique in its emphasis on practical knowledge and skills. Apart from the traditional training in drilling subjects, the drilling operation requires that the candidates be skilled in using onboard and tools for simple repairs and handling special tools in the drilling operation.

The CDS trained students are ready to start working on the drilling rig and CDS certified students would make a much faster career progression and employment in the drilling industry. In addition to the drilling subjects the candidates will be given training on rig safety. Technical safety training courses will be taught as stipulated in the course schedule that are required to work on a rig.

Above all these, all the stakeholders of the drilling industry will be immensely benefitted.